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Casey Junior or Casey Jr. is a sentient train character from Dumbo (1940).


Casey Junior is a sentient circus steam-train with a face and eyes made from headlights. Casey Junior is used to pull circus cars for the WDP Circus and Storybook Circus.




A Bug's Land[]

Casey Junior was mentioned in different parts of A Bug's Land via Casey Jr. Cookies, a fictional brand of cookies from A Bug's Life (1998) named for the train character and used as a circus train-like carriage by P.T. Flea.

Flik's Flyers[]

Some of the boxes used for Flik's flyer machines were made from boxes of Casey Jr. Cookies.

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train[]

Heimlich passed through a box of Casey Jr. Cookies in this ride.

Avengers Campus[]

Ant-Man and the Wasp sometimes have a small terrarium containing Flik's Fun Fair from A Bug's Land, including the visible Casey Jr. cookie-boxes.


Casey Jr. Circus Train[]

This train revolves around young guests riding on Casey Junior. His likeness is also on the weathervane at this attraction.

Storybook Circus[]

Casey Junior is a part of the Storybook Circus and appears in some of their advertisements. The exit heading towards Tomorrowland has Casey Jr. on it.[1]

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station[]

This attraction revolves around Casey Junior and his train-cars.

Main Street Electrical Parade[]

Casey Junior leads the Electrical Parade, driven by Goofy.


  • The train is named after railroader Casey Jones (1863-1900).
  • On Casey Jr. Circus Train, Casey Junior repeats, " I think I can" while going up the hill, referencing the story of The Little Engine That Could.
  • Casey Junior was planned to enter Rock Candy Mountain in his Disneyland attraction.
  • The numbers on Casey Jr. at the Storybook Circus have different references such as one being 55 (Disneyland's opening year 1955), along with 71, 82, 89, and 98 which represent the opening years of different parks in Walt Disney World.