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Claire de Room is a character from It's Tough to Be a Bug!.




Claire de Room is a stink beetle originating from deep swamps. She was a performer and presumable an actress who used her stink abilities as part of her act. Wilton Flowers of The Odor-Lando Scent-inel stated “Her performance is a real gas!”. She seemed to have had a starring role in the play, "A Stinkbug Named Desire" within the theatre below the Tree of Life on Discovery Island.

It's Tough To Be a Bug![]

Claire was one of the performers in Flik's show, "It's Tough to be a Bug!" in the Tree of Life Theater. The point of this show was to encourage humans (shrunken to see the performance) a better perception of bugs for better inter-species relations. During her act, she released her odors before guests could put in nose plugs, causing the theater to be flooded with her gas.


It's Tough to Be a Bug![]

Claire was a character appearing in this show, and posters for her act appeared in the queue. A poster for, "A Stinkbug named Desire" seemed to have her on it as the lead.


  • Flik does not actually speak her name in the attraction.
  • Claire de Room's name references the musical piece Claire de Lune, mixed with the expression, "Clear the room".
  • A Stinkbug named Desire is a parody of the famous play A Streetcar Named Desire (1947) written by Tennessee Williams.