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The River Pirates of Cutthroat Corner are an unseen group of characters from the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom.


This was a group of River Pirates known to operate out of certain "Rivers of America" during the 19th century. The base of the pirates was the cave of "Wilson's Cave Inn" located at Cutthroat Corner on Jackson's Island on the Mississippi river in Missouri.[1]



These pirates were active in the Rivers of America (presumably around the 1850s), based out of Wilson's Cave Inn.


Rivers of America[]

Liberty Belle 67

A River Pirate boat docked at Wilson's Cave Inn

Liberty Belle Riverboat[]

The pirates can be heard within Wilson's Cave Inn as the Liberty Belle Riverboat passes, with the Liberty Belle trying to avoid trouble. Sam Clemens also makes warnings about River Pirates in his safety spiel.


  • Wilson's Cave Inn is named after historic Illinois river pirate James Ford (1775-1833), who early writers identified with the name Jim Wilson. Ford and his gang made their headquarters from a cave called the Cave-in-Rock, and who would lure victims into an inn called the Potts Inn. It is unknown if the fictional pirates in the parks were of any affiliation to Jim Wilson.
  • The non-canonical Ghost Gallery cast-member made backstory for the Haunted Mansion, Little Leota befriended a group of pirates in the community surrounding the Haunted Mansion and they sang "Yo Ho" from Pirates of the Caribbean together.


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