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Disney's River Country (logo)

River Country was the first water park at Walt Disney World Resort. It opened on June 20, 1976 and closed on November 2, 2001. It had five water slides, 2 pools, and 2 children's areas.

What Was River Country?

It was a swimming hole with water filtered from Bay Lake and was heated.

Why Did River Country close?

According to Wikipedia "In 1989, Disney opened a second water park, Typhoon Lagoon. It had much more parking, many more slides, newer amenities, and was much larger." In 1995, Disney opened a third water park, Blizzard Beach, which was also much bigger than River Country. The park closed on November 2, 2001, with the expectation that it would reopen in spring 2002. On April 11, 2002, the Orlando Sentinel reported that “Walt Disney World's first water park, River Country, has closed and may not reopen.” Disney World spokesman Bill Warren stated that River Country could reopen if there is enough guest demand."