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Disneyland Park[]

Adventure Land[]

  • The ropes holding the curtains up in Tarzan's Treehouse are rolled in the shape of a hidden mickey
  • While shopping for Indiana Jones gear, find a Hidden Mickey placed on one of the merchandise walls in the Adventureland Bazaar

Fantasy Land[]

  • In Small World, the purple leaves in Africa & the tiles in India

Main Street U.S.A.[]

Tomorrow Land[]

Critter Country[]

New Orleans Square[]

  • Haunted Mansion: After exiting the stretching room, examine the wallpaper in the lower corridor art gallery. Hidden within the swirling wallpaper pattern, are several Classic Mickeys. In the Ballroom, one of the chairs is knocked over. Look at the table above the chair and you will see a plate with two tea saucers (Your Mickey!).