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Neverland is the central location of J.M Barrie's Peter Pan. It is featured in the Disney Parks, particularly in association with Fantasyland.


Neverland is an island-like dream-realm which is the, "Second Star to the Right, straight on till morning". Inhabitants of Neverland never age. The island is domain of the flying ageless child, Peter Pan, who frequently fights outsider pirate Captain Hook and the crew of his ship, The Jolly Roger. Portions of Neverland are connected to the magical land of Fantasyland, though it generally still needs to be travelled to via flight.


  • Crocodile Creek: Crocodile Creek is the home of the Crocodile which pursues Captain Hook.
  • Hangman's Tree: Hangman's Tree held the secret entrance to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys' secret hideout.
  • Mermaid Lagoon: A lagoon on the island which is home to many vain and murderous mermaids.
  • Never Land Tribe Camp: A cliffside camp home to Neverland's Indigenous population.
  • Pirate's Cove: Also known as Cannibal Cove, this is a cove of the island which Captain Hook and his crew used as a frequent base.
  • Pixie Hollow: A hollow in Neverland, home to its Pixie population who control Earth's seasons and which is ruled over by Queen Clarion.
  • Skull Rock: A large, skull-shaped island off Neverland's coast.






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The Jungle Cruise[]

In the Jungle Navigation Company's medicine-cabinet is a bottle of, "St. Bernard's Nightly Dream Developer" with an illustration of Neverland's stars.

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  • Neverland and Wonderland are both dream locations featured in Fantasyland attractions.
  • In the Walt Disney World version of Peter Pan's Flight, Ariel can be seen in Mermaid Lagoon.