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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean Tokyo Disneyland.jpg
Tokyo Disneyland
Land Adventureland
Designer WED Enterprises
Attraction type Boat voyage
Theme Pirates of the Caribbean
Opening date April 15, 1983
Vehicle type Boat

Tokyo Disneyland has a version of Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. After riding, guests can go to Blackbeard's Portrait Deck for a souvenir photo. The Golden Galleon offers a large selection of pirate merchandise. For those who want to eat after the ride, there is no place better than the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Attraction summary

Guests begin their journey by riding through the Blue Bayou and passing by Beacon Joe as he sits on the porch of his shack. The boats then pass under a bridge and encounter the Talking Skull, who gives them a warning of the dangers that lie ahead. The boat goes down one drop and arrives in the Dead Man's Cove.

As the boat goes deeper into the cove, guests see the Dead Man's Chest to their left and can hear the sound of a loud, steady heartbeat coming from it. Afterwards, they sail past the wrecked ship, the Crew Quarters, and the Treasure Grotto. Before leaving the Grotto, the boat goes through a misty waterfall where the ghostly apparition of Davy Jones materializes and dares guests to proceed at their own risk.

Outside the Grotto, guests find that they've traveled back in time to when the pirates in the caverns where alive and well, as they can see the Wicked Wench attacking a Spanish fort with Captain Hector Barbossa at its helm.

As cannonballs splash around them, guests travel into the town, where they find the pirates interrogating the magistrate on the location of the treasure and Captain Jack Sparrow. Unbeknownst to them, however, Jack himself is amongst the dresses behind them as he listens in on their interrogation.

The boats then sail past the bride auction, where the auctioneer attempts to offer up the town's fair maidens to the drunk pirates on the other side of the water.

Guests then sail into an area where pirates chase women and an overweight pirate brandishes a key and treasure map while Jack peeks over his shoulder from inside a barrel.

After passing by the Burning Town, Prison, and Arsenal scenes, guests' boats then pass through the Treasure Room before arriving at the unload area, where they exit their boats and board a speedramp leading back out to Adventureland.

2007 revamp changes

The voices for the talking skull and the ghostly voices in the grotto, the only voices in Japanese, were originally provided by Gorou Naya. In the revamp, the voices are now provided by Akira Kamiya and some of the dialogue has been slightly altered. In the grotto, portions of the "Scare Me" music that played were replaced with a quiet, melancholic instrumental version of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)". A misty waterfall containing a projection of Davy Jones replaces the second ghostly voice that played before the ship battle.

The original ship battle involved an unnamed pirate captain and his crew against a Caribbean fort. In the updated battle scene, the captain is replaced by Hector Barbossa who demands Captain Jack Sparrow and a fortune in gold from his enemies.

The original town scene involved pirates dunking Carlos, the town magistrate, into a well in an attempt to get him to say where the town's treasure was. His wife tells Carlos to not tell the pirates anything, and a pirate shoots at her every time she says something. The updated town scene is similar to the old scene, only the pirates now demand the treasure AND the location of Jack Sparrow, a ricochet sound is added after the pirate's gunshots, Carlos' wife has a different scream, and Jack himself hides between some dresses.

The chase scene originally had an area where an overweight "pooped pirate" sat next to a barrel, exhausted from "pursuing" a woman. The pirate brandished her petticoat and uttered suggestive dialogue while she hid in the barrel next to him, occasionally peering out from it. Only this portion was altered: the overweight pirate now brags about a treasure map and a key that he claims Jack Sparrow will never find, and Jack Sparrow replaces the woman in the barrel, peering over the other pirate's shoulder.

A treasure room housing a drunk Jack Sparrow was added after the shootout scene and before the unloading area, and the voice of Davy Jones can be heard as guests go up the speed-ramp.