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Your Gateway to the Galaxies

Starport Seven-Five also known as Tomorrowland Station MK-1 or Space Mountain is the titular central location of Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.


Starport Seven-Five is one of the two primary space-stations in Tomorrowland, along with TL Space Station 77. Nicknamed, "Space Mountain" for its immense size, the facility harbours a variety of space-ships used for transport across the universe, assisted by the Starport's, "Superspace Tunnel" teleportation systems, which sent ships to space-stations across the universe. The starport was located directly adjacent to the Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

The starport was known for promoting different interstellar tourism destinations with their slogan being, "Your Gateway to the Galaxies". This included large displays for Constellations "The City of Stars", the intergalactic park of Mercury Peak, Crater Caverns, and going, "20,000 Lightyears Under the Sea" on the Coral Moons of Pisces. The Starport's business was part of the Tomorrowland Chamber of Commerce, and may have been run by the alien organization the League of Planets which ran Space Station 77.


  • Alpha Lounge:
  • Baggage claim: A baggage claim found near the exit.
  • Command Center: The command centre by a robot and found along the exit.
  • Control-tower: The station's control-tower where one Mister Johnson worked.
  • Entrance:
  • Exit: The exit featured dioramas for various different space tourism destinations, a welcome to Tomorrowland sign from the Tomorrowland Chamber of Commerce, and an exit into the Tomorrowland Light & Power Company building.
  • FX-1 Teleport: A teleportation beaming system used for transport to distant worlds.[1]
  • Mission Control:
  • Omega Lounge:[2]
  • Star Tunnel: An entryway tunnel which had windows looking out at stars.
  • Superspace Tunnel Alpha: One of the two superspace tunnels used for teleporting rockets.
  • Superspace Tunnel Omega: One of the two superspace tunnels used for teleporting rockets.



Development history[]

Starport Seven-Five is the original iteration of Space Mountain, named in tribute to the ride's opening year of 1975.

The shop adjacent to Space Mountain used to be the Tomorrowland Light & Power building, until 2023 when it was changed to the Tomorrowland Launch Depot, coinciding with the creation of Tron Lightcycles Power Run.


American Space Experience[]

Space Mountain's silhouette was on the mural outside this attraction.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters[]

The mural on this attraction's building depicted multiple Space Mountains acting like space-ships.[3]

Rockettower Plaza[]

The screen identifies Space Mountain as being part of the Tomorrowland Chamber of Commerce. It will also be shown on a screen identifying it as a, "Local Landmark".[4]

Space Mountain[]

Starport 75 is the setting for the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain.

Tomorrowland Launch Depot[]

The sign for the launch depot shows a silhouetted Tomorrowland landscape, featuring the star-port.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover[]

The People-Mover will pass through Space Mountain with ORAC explaining it. A PA system can be heard saying, "Paging Mr. Morrow—Mr. Tom Morrow. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control tower to confirm your flight to the moon".


  • Luggage in the space-station have stickers from the Space Station X-1 and Mesa Verde, a location from Horizons.[5]
  • The TTA PeopleMover references one Mister Johnson as working at the starport's control tower, and Tom Morrow as attending the Spaceport. These are both characters from defunct attractions Rocket to the Moon and Mission to Mars.
  • The Mercury Peak display features a robot dog, who is repurposed from the queue's figure of Nipper the dog, the mascot of former sponsors RCA Records.
  • The FX-1 teleport was named for former sponsors, FedEx.
  • Space Mountain used to have television screens playing, "SMTV", an intergalactic/Tomorrowland themed parody of MTV which played music, advertisements, and the Pan-Galactic News Network.
  • The exit for the star-port has featured screens where astronauts with the star-port insignia promote travel. The quotes featured come from Commander Dan Truman and Grace Stamper, characters from the Michael Bay movie Armageddon (1998).[6]