400px-Astro Orbiter Tower
Astro Orbiter
Magic Kingdom
Attraction type Themed land
Opening date October 1, 1971

Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom opened alongside the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. Tomorrowland is located in the eastern section of the Magic Kingdom. Just like its counterpart in Disneyland Park in California, Tomorrowland was unfinished when it first opened, as only the Grand Prix Raceway (now the Tomorrowland Speedway) and the Skyway to Fantasyland were operational when the park first opened. It was fully completed by 1975. It was renovated once in 1994 entitled "New Tomorrowland", which it is still nicknamed as today.


Former Attractions

  • America the Beautiful
  • Circle-Vision 360
  • Delta Dreamflight
  • The Timekeeper
  • The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
  • Flight to the Moon
  • If You Had Wings
  • Mission to Mars
  • Skyway to Fantasyland



  • Mickey's Star Traders
  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Photos
  • Buzz's Star Command
  • Geiger's Counter
  • Merchant of Venus
  • Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. (Space Mountain Shop)
  • Ursa's Major Minor Mart